Ecumenical City

To round up the holistic development of all who choose to stay at Pacific Coast City, there is a place for religious communities and an Ecumenical Center. Two sites of about 200 hectares each have been allotted for religious communities with large following. These religious sects who live and work in the Pacific Coast City can provide some guidance and "formation” to other workers. The member of these religious communities may own lots where they can build their houses and engage in some income-generating activity suited to the natural amenities of their area. For smaller religious sects, an Ecumenical Center shall be built, occupy 100 hectares each, on which these religious groups can build facilities. A common are, moreover, where the members can come together to worship and hold similar spiritual services shall rise on a centrally located spot.

A scenario where religious tolerance, if not religious freedom, is given due respect certainly paints a picture of serenity and peace. Rather than a total absence of conflict, what is envisioned here is a place where members of various religious communities interact without prejudice. After all, matters of the spirit unite, instead of divide, all men and women who pursue timeless ideals of justice, happiness or immorality. Openness to other religious or spiritual views is actually the first step towards bonding with our neighbor.

Where are the Pacific Coast Cities Located?

Located on the Eastern seaboard of Luzon with a total land mass of about 80,000 hectares, it is bounded by San Luis, Aurora on the North, Gen. Nakar, Aurora on the South, The Pacific Ocean on the East, and Nueva Ecija on the West.