Government City

The Government City, naturally, will be the center of all institutions and agencies related to governance. This includes both national and urban governance of the new metropolis. At present, our government buildings are inefficiently laid out. They are far apart and inaccessible to each other, thus making dealing with them a supreme inconvenience. This new city at Pacific Coast is master planned as a capital city, patterned after Canberra, Australia and Washington D.C., U.S.A., where all functions of government from the executive, legislative to the different implementing government agencies or institutions are located in one block.

Here the bureaucracy shall have been transformed into one that is at once responsible and responsive to the people’s needs. Here, government employees have become efficient and proficient in their jobs since they regard working for the government a career, a fulfilling lifetime service. Here, government positions are positions not of power but of trust. Here, government officials work and serve happily since their mission is to uplift the country’s total good.

With the Philippine bureaucracy reinvented, trade and commerce will become more efficient as industrial plants and transportation shall be interconnected by land, sea and air. Within the "inner ring” of the new city are the government departments, each of which will be allocated 20 hectares. In the "outer ring” are the lower level government agencies with a mix of complementary uses such as hotels and other accommodations for transients, city clubs and a variety of commercial services. Further, there shall be a diplomat’s village. This refreshing landscape of unity in governance and private sector and business enterprises is short of a miracle. But, then, again, at Pacific Coast City, miracles happen with a reason, and a smile.

Where are the Pacific Coast Cities Located?

Located on the Eastern seaboard of Luzon with a total land mass of about 80,000 hectares, it is bounded by San Luis, Aurora on the North, Gen. Nakar, Aurora on the South, The Pacific Ocean on the East, and Nueva Ecija on the West.