About Romeo G. Roxas

Atty. Romeo G. Roxas is a successful lawyer and businessman. He graduated from the University of the Philippines with a degree in
Bachelor of Laws in 1961. He became a full- fledged lawyer at the young age of 21. He is a member of the New York Bar. Not content with a legal education, he pursued further studies in the field of business and obtained his Master in Business Management, major in Marketing and Finance at the Alexander Hamilton University in New York, U.S.A. Owing to his business acumen, he became the head of the Marketing Division of Ysmael Steel Manufacturing Co., the biggest marketing organization at that time, at the of 26. He is at present a director of the Philippine Veterans Bank.

As President and Chairman of the Green Square Properties Corporation and the Green Circle Properties and Resources, Inc., he is deeply involved in property development in the Philippines. In joint ventures with other companies, he has taken the task of developing his companies' 1,000 hectare scenic property at the Taal Volcano Ridge in Tagaytay. A more exciting project, however, is his bold and pioneering efforts to develop a masterplanned industrial, educational and resort cities in his companies' 80,000 hectare property located in the pristine vastness of the Eastern Luzon Seaboard provinces of Aurora and Quezon overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

He is also the Chairman of Twin Lakes Corporation. This is a company that is developing the 1,200 hectares property in Laurel Batangas overlooking the Taal Lake.

Committed to National Development As a lawyer specializing in real estate and corporate laws and a businessman with banking and finance and marketing experience behind him, he is committed to devote the rest of his life, concretely contributing to proper national development in a perfect setting -- the eastern side of Luzon which has to this day remained largely undeveloped but with a vast promise and potential for growth and development.

Where are the Pacific Coast Cities Located?

Located on the Eastern seaboard of Luzon with a total land mass of about 80,000 hectares, it is bounded by San Luis, Aurora on the North, Gen. Nakar, Aurora on the South, The Pacific Ocean on the East, and Nueva Ecija on the West.