Project Development and Strategy

The Pacific Coast Cities project will be developed on the Eastern Seaboard of Luzon, a master-planned community that embodies all that is needed to help progress the future economic prosperity of the Philippines.

Ideally situated as a strategic growth center on Luzon’s Eastern Seaboard (Cagayan and Isabella in the Cagayan Valley and Aurora and Quezon in Southern Tagalog), Pacific Coast City covers the municipalities of Dingalan, Aurora and General Nakar in Quezon Province.

The project site borders the following areas;

  1. San Luis, Auroro on the North
  2. General Nakar, Aurora on the South
  3. The Pacific Ocean to the East
  4. Nueva Ecija to the West

It can be accessed via the Marikina-Infanta Highway from the South SCTEX, Gabaldon, Fort Magsaysay and Dingalan from the North

The following map designates where each of the cities will be zoned for development:

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Rising on 80,000 hectares of land, this new development will usher in enormous economic benefits to the whole Eastern Luzon Seaboard, to the government and to the Filipino people in general.

It is a completely master planned project, a collaboration between planner Robert Lamb Hard and renowned Filipino architect Felino "Jun" Palafox Jr.

Some of these gains include:

  1. the opening of the Eastern Luzon Seaboard will generate development of almost 5 million hectares of land for agriculture. At present these areas are unused and undeveloped.
  2. Pacific Coast City shall create 3.5 million permanent jobs by the end of the development
  3. Pacific Coast City has the capacity to absorb at least 3 million peoples thereby decongesting Metro Manila
  4. Pacific Coast City, with its Resort City, promises to be a world-class major tourist destination
  5. Tax revenues to the government after the completion of the development is a staggering 9.15 billion pesos

Prime Land for Development

The site includes various areas of land that can aid in easier development and further attract private sector corporations.

  1. Huge Ocean Front - The Pacific Coast City has over 80 kms of shore line which allows for enormous tourism, hotel, and resort opportunities.
  2. Umiray River Valley System - The Umiray river can be used as a natural transportation corridor as well a link to various communities and areas. This is also a prime location for further commercial and residential land development.
  3. Central Plains - This area is broad and open, a prime location for the government center.
  4. Dingalan Port - The proposed location for the new shipping port. It is deep enought to accomodate large vessels without the need for dredging or long causeways

Government and Private Sector Joint Venture

The government and the private sector must work together in seeing to it that this vision turns to reality. There must be a tight grip on how development takes place and how soon everyone concerned in this development throws in his full, non-revocable support.

The government will provide the overall support in tax incentives, legislative/executor approval. The private citizenry and business establishments will put in sufficient financial muscle and know-how. In the end, the Filipinos will be the prime beneficiaries, which is the ultimate objective.

Where are the Pacific Coast Cities Located?

Located on the Eastern seaboard of Luzon with a total land mass of about 80,000 hectares, it is bounded by San Luis, Aurora on the North, Gen. Nakar, Aurora on the South, The Pacific Ocean on the East, and Nueva Ecija on the West.